About Us


My husband Norm and I met at massage school 37 years ago. The teacher said pick a partner. Now we have 6 kids and 12 grandkids. We have raised our kids; now we are ready to raise a city!

When we first discovered this magical place, it was in the beginning stages of its revitalization. Today, it doesn’t take much imagination to envision the future of the city; signs of its flowering community and economy are all around.

We own and manage a portfolio of multi-family properties steps from downtown North Adams, providing clean, convenient and affordable homes to local residents. Our business is built on mutual respect, an upbeat attitude and a passionate optimism for the future of the city.

Going forward, our goal is to leverage out of multi-families and take advantage of the significant opportunities afforded by the city’s numerous still-vacant, grand buildings awaiting redevelopment.

We look forward to partnering with you on our mission.

Robin First

Email: Robin [at] robinfirst.com

Call/Text: eight 45 – seven 21 – five 959

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